About Me


My name is Anne and I was born and raised in Alaska. I recently got engaged to the sweetest guy I have ever known. He is my life, travel, and adventure partner. We love to explore around town, go on short trips, and have new life experiences together. We have a love for the outdoors, coffee, wine, and cooking! Our passion continues to grow as our relationship grows.

This blog comes from a passion for all the adventures life throws at you. An adventure can be anything; a trip to a national park, visiting with neighbors, trying a new recipe, trying a new kind of coffee, trying a new wine from your favorite winery, and planning our wedding. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I want to encourage and inspire others to not be afraid to be adventurous and find what they love to do and go after it.

We are all wandering, but not lost, on this journey called life!