Save The Date

Wedding planning is underway! Each day our wedding becomes closer and closer. We have been working out small details and have finally put together our save the dates! Since we are getting married in a bed & breakfast in Lake Tahoe, we went with a woodsy theme for our save the dates.


We decided to go with magnets so that our guests would be able to put them on their refrigerator. That way they wouldn’t lose them.

Instead of just mailing the magnets, we decided to dress them up a bit. I was able to find wood print envelopes that went well with our theme. I found some nice card paper, cut them to the size of the magnet and folded them around the magnet to make sort of an envelope.

To dress the card envelope up, I found a save the date stamp! To make our envelope stand out a little bit more,  I stamped each one with a bird, since it is the byrd wedding 🙂

Since our save the dates are signed, sealed, and mailed, we now can start on putting together our invitations!


We are so excited for our wedding and can’t wait to share our wedding planning journey with everyone.



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