Alaskan Dog Sledding Adventure


Summertime is a time to work hard and play hard, be adventurous, and experience life to its fullest. Living in Alaska my entire life, there are so many adventures that I have yet to experience. Today I was lucky enough to go Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier ice field with my work, TEMSCO Helicopters.


Flying through the Alaskan mountains you get to see sights that most people, even locals, do not get to see. The mountains are like skyscrapers peering over the city I like to call home. The views are breathtaking from above and are hard to describe in words.


Flying in a helicopter is freeing, exhilarating, and magnificent. As you soar through the clouds past the mountain peaks, you get to land on the ice field. Landing on an ice field is like landing on the moon. It is where very few have ever gone.

The friendly crew greet you, give you a history of the land around you, as well as a background in dog sledding. As you walk into dog camp you are greeted by more than 150 dogs welcoming you to their summer home.

Dog Sledding is the main event while up on the ice field. Each dog sled holds four passengers. As soon as you step onto the sled, the dogs are ready to start running. The dogs are Alaska’s premier athletes and train for the Iditarod year round. They live and breath running. Each musher takes you on a 1 mile loop around the ice field. Half way through the ride you get to stop and pet the dogs. They love to be loved.

They save the best for last! When you are done with your dog sledding tour, you get to go to puppy heaven. They have so many puppies and you get to hold them and snuggle them till it’s time to go.


I highly recommend this tour!


It’s hard to not walk away with a puppy ; – )


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