Sled Dog Time!



Summertime in Alaska is one of my favorite times year. During the winter months, Juneau is a sleepy town. The tour shops close, locals go about their daily lives, the temperature drops, and the clouds envelops us. The time has come for our sleepy town to wake up and smell the ocean air. This is the first week of cruise ships where thousands of tourists descend upon us.


TEMSCO Helicopters is one of the best summer jobs I could have asked for. Everyday there is something different happening around the office. May 7th is when our Dog Sledding tour starts on the Mendenhall Glacier. This week we have started flying our dogs up to dog camp. Our dogs and mushers will get to spend the summer up on the ice field showing our tourists the magic of dog sledding.


I was so excited to see the dogs! Everyone in the office had to get out on the helipad to watch them be loaded into the helicopter and see them fly away. I am loving learning about working for a helicopter company and the operations that happen behind the scenes to make the tours run smoothly.


I can’t wait to be able to experience our tours first hand later this summer!


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