Holy Schmidt Doughnuts


Happy Pi Day!

Instead of having pie to celebrate Pi day, we decided to celebrate with doughnuts! They are just as tasty! Who doesn’t like having dessert for breakfast?

For as long as my fiance and I have lived in Reno, we had never found a place to get a good doughnut. In the heart of midtown you will find this little gem, a specialty doughnut shop, Holy Schmidt Doughnuts!


We couldn’t decided on just one doughnut, so we ended up getting a selection to taste test. We got the Chi, Caramel Macchiato, Holy Grail, Pink Lemonade, Soma, and Cookies n Cream, They each had a distinct flavor that filled your mouth with yummy goodness. If you want a specialty doughnut, I highly recommend Holy Schmidt Doughnuts!


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