Wedding Venue’s

The Black Bear Lodge!

After deciding on the location of our wedding, Lake Tahoe, the next step is to pick a venue. The first thing to do is to start narrowing down the type of venue: indoors, outdoors, somewhere we can have both the ceremony and the reception, a place that offers catering services or allows us to bring in our own.

Research is key!

Keep your mind open as you view each space while trying to visualize your general idea of what the wedding would like. And remember, if you are in love with the space and it fits your wedding design and style perfectly, you may have to make sacrifices – such as starting a couple of hours later than you thought if the space is open to the public or getting prepped off-site at a hotel because the venue does not have a getting-ready room.” ~ Dani Lamas, Facilities Manager

After we have narrowed down our choices, it was time to schedule times to see the venues in person for a site visit or walk-through. When visiting venues, take tons of photos so you can refer to them as needed.



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