DIY Necklace Holder

I love to dress up and look fashionable, and when I do, my favorite accessory is a necklace to tie the outfit together. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of necklaces, and had nowhere to store them. I usually would just shove them in a drawer where they would end up getting tangled or broken. Tangled necklace are the worst! I got tired of having to search for the perfect necklace or untangle them every time I wanted to wear one, so I decided to make a necklace holder.


I came up with the idea to make the necklace holder out of reclaimed wood and nails to give it that rustic feel. I went to hobby lobby and found some reclaimed wood strips that were the perfect length and shape for necklaces. I then found a can of old nails in my backyard that tied the entire piece together and gave it that rustic feel I was looking for.


I sawed the pieces in half so that I would have four pieces the same length, and I started nailing the nails into the wood in a zigzag pattern that made it so the necklaces would not be on top of each other. This project only took a total of 10 minutes!


When I was done, I only had enough necklaces for two pieces of wood, I hung them in my bathroom with command strips from Home Depot. It turned out perfect, and now my necklaces will never get tangled again!


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