Eclipse 2017


IMG_2991What did everyone do over the weekend? Well, I went on a road-trip to Idaho Falls to view the totality of the August 21st Eclipse! The Eclipse was the most mesmerizing and breath-taking, mother-nature event I have ever experienced.

IMG_2995We decided to travel to Idaho Falls because the crowds were smaller and it was close to Elko. We first drove to Elko where we stopped and stayed a few nights while my other half worked. We headed out Sunday morning bright and early at 4 a.m. driving into the sunrise. We stopped in Twin Falls, where we picked up a Cocomo from my favorite coffee place of all time, Dutch Brothers.


IMG_3001When we got to Idaho Falls we went straight to Erehwon Lodge to get our campsite  set-up. We had plenty of daylight left, so we went into town to do some sightseeing.. We stumbled upon a cute riverwalk that went along the Snake River and right through downtown. IMG_3006Along the river, we stopped at the Japanese Garden to take in the peaceful nature that surrounded us.




IMG_3010After exploring the rest of downtown we went to check out the museum where there was a NASA exhibit in honor of the eclipse. We were fortunate enough to hear a lecture on how and why the eclipse works, and  to watch people on  spinning exercise bikes that are used in the space ships. We also got certified eclipse glasses!



Dinnertime rolled around, so we headed back to the campground where we made indian food from Trader Joe’s, and cooked hot dogs over the campfire.



The next morning we packed up and got everything ready to go, so we could hit the road after totality. We hung out and met people from the Astronomy Association who will email us photos of the entirety of the eclipse. The whole experience was magical. Every time I looked up at the sun, the moon was creeping over the sun. As the moon kept creeping, the sky got darker, the air got cooler, and you could see the dark storm cloud move closer as totality came closer. When the moon completely covered the sun, the sky went dark, the air became still, and you could see a light ring around the mood; it was breathtaking. Words can not explain how amazing the whole experience was, it gave me chills.

IMG_3040We headed out immediately after  the totality of the Eclipse back to Elko. On our way we stopped at the Idaho Potato Museum, because when in Idaho, right! The museum was nicely done, learned more about the process of how potatoes are harvested, and had the most delicious baked potato at the end!PiconicShare Get the potatoes from the source and they will be fresh and have a nice buttery taste.




All in all, it was great to get out of Reno and explore  a new town in a different State, and experience mother nature’s eclipse. It  was worth the drive!


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