DIY Rustic Table


While my other half is away part of the week, I like to try and fill my time doing little projects around the house. My neighbors  left this old, junky table behind to be used as firewood, but as I looked at it more, I thought to myself; I can make something of this ratty, old table. I put my thinking cap on, searched on pinterest, and came up with an idea!

IMG_2967I went to hobby lobby and picked out several paint colors, a package of paint brushes, and stencils.


First, I sanded  the entire table and made sure that it was as smooth as possible. I then began by painting the middle section of the table. I alternated colors to make it as colorful as possible. Then I needed to choose a  color to paint the outer edge of the table.


After staring at the table and texting my mom, I finally settled on yellow. I thought the yellow would tie everything together, and of course I was right!




The only thing left to finish the top  was to paint on the stencils! I strategically placed the stencil around the edge and it really tied the entire piece together.

IMG_2982I used green for the legs,so  they wouldn’t distract from the rest of the table.

This table is now ready to be used for morning coffee on the patio!


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